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    You've met the perfect Thai woman. You're dizzy with joy as her exotic world swirls around you. You've heard so many horror stories, but your heart tells you that she's for real. You want to understand her mysterious ways, and you wish she could understand yours. Now, there's help. Thailand Fever is an astonishing, one-of-a-kind, Thai–-English bilingual expos√© of the cultural secrets that are the key to a smooth Thai–Western relationship.   Available Now!

258 pages.
6” x 8.5”

  Whether you met in a bar, in a university, or at work, and whether you met last night or decades ago, Thailand Fever covers your issues:

Trusting Each Other Sex It's My Money! The Parents The Dowry
Privacy Independence Saving Face Living in “Paradise"

Thailand Fever is the must-have relationship guidebook which lets each of you finally express complex issues by just pointing across the page! Everything in the book is in both English and Thai, on facing pages:

See for yourself in detail: Click here to look at the first 35 pages of the book, including the Table of Contents and the first two chapters.

See what the critics have to say about Thailand Fever, including such renowned figures as veteran columnist Bernard Trink of The Bangkok Post and prolific author James Eckardt of The Nation.

This book will save you both pain and money. It's available now!

German and Dutch Translations

We also offer a German Translation and a Dutch Translation, both available immediately.

Where to Buy Thailand Fever

If you are in Thailand:
  • Bookstores: You can find our book at all major English-language bookstores in Thailand, including Bookazine, Asia Books (stores and outlets), DK Books, Se-Ed, Suriwong, and many others.

  • Telephone: Contact Paiboon Publishing in Bangkok at 01 334 1249. Payment is by bank transfer or money order.

If you are outside Thailand:
  • Online: Order Now on our secure payment server. Major credit cards accepted. All online orders ship from our Berkeley, CA, USA office.

  • Telephone Order: from Paiboon Publishing in Berkeley, CA, USA: +1 510 848 7086. Major credit cards accepted.

  • UK Customers: can order from Bay Foreign Language Books at or +44 (0)1233 720 020. Free postage for UK shipments.

  • Australia Customers: can order from Orders ship from Sydney.

About the Authors

Vitida Vasant received a BA from Chulalongkorn University and an MSc in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania. She moved to California in 1981 and frequently returns to her homeland. She married and divorced a Westerner, and as a single mom, she raised a beautiful daughter. She is currently engaged to an American. Besides running a recruiting business, she also teaches Thai, freelances as a Thai translator and interpreter, and offers relationship consulting to Thai–Western couples. More information on her services is available here. Vitida Vasant is the pen-name of Supatra Chowchuvech.

Chris Pirazzi has been traveling in Thailand and Southeast Asia since 1999. He currently lives in Mae Hong Son province. He has chronicled Thai culture extensively and he co-developed the Thai–English software dictionary from Paiboon Publishing. His multi-year relationship with a Thai woman, and his contact with other Westerners in Thailand and students of the Thai language in the United States, have provided a broad view of the cross-cultural problems faced by Thai–Western romantic couples. He received a BSE from Princeton University.

About the Publisher

Paiboon PublishingThailand Fever is published by Paiboon Publishing, the world's leading producer of Thai and Lao language learning materials, including the famous Thai for Beginners and the infamous Thai for Lovers. There's even an audio companion to the learning books and a guide to pronunciation. For more information on Paiboon Publishing products, see

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