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Working in Thailand

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 4:20 am
by SneakySnake
this is not Spam, i just want to share with you guys a great way of living in thailand...

I see so many people looking for work in Thailand, and really,
besides teaching english or selling time-share there is nothing available....although....

You could give online paid surveys and affiliated marketing a go, if you consider that with 30-40K baht a month you can live a nice lifestyle in thailand, even just online surveys can get you is a lot of work at first, because you have to go through a list of like 500 survey companies and sign up at each of them, but after you have done that you can go anywhere in the world and have your own job with you!!!

Affiliated marketing is a bit more complicated however it is also explained in this link:

that site is what tought me all about marketing and the paid surveys,
good luck!