Hi this is Jarman!

Discussion of Thai-Western relationships and the book, "Thailand Fever."
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Hi this is Jarman!

Post by jarman » Wed Dec 19, 2007 3:52 pm

Hello everyone how you doing! I'm new to thailandfever and just wanted to post my travel storey to see if anyone had any ideas. So here go"s, it all started at the beginning of the year in Hong Kong where i had i great time. I then after 2 week's moved on to Bangkok staying on Khaosan road. This is where after a couple of week's i met Ann a thai girl (this is where the storey fit's in with thailandfever) we met in a bar called Gullivers, she's not a bar girl or anything like that she run a small book shop and taught english. Any way we had a great time then after a few week's i went to Chaing Mai, Laos, Koh Samui. Then back to Bangkok staying with Ann for another 6 week's. I then carried on travelling Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand. I then needed to return to the U.K for 1 month. I'm now back in Bangkok staying with Ann again. She say's she loves me and want's me to stay i do think she's for real, but have read many horror stories. If anyone has any views they would be very welcome. I'm from the U.K and me and Ann are both 32. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Post by thaidude » Thu Dec 27, 2007 3:03 pm

Only you can tell if it is love for yourself. In terms of Ann, actions speak louder than words. You will need to take time to see what it is all about just like you would if you were back home in the UK. If it doesn't hurt you to stay then that would be your best option in my opinion. All will be revealed in time...

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