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My girlfriend decided to change her name for good luck.

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:46 pm
by Michael and Rose
The most important thing to begin with for me and I think for Rose, is to say that your book Thai Fever is a fascinating revelation and has helped us both to steer a positvely helpful path on our route to mutual understanding. As a start to this discussion I will explain briefly where we
(Rose and me) stand at this time in our relationship.
:?: :? I am a man of 66 years and very active. My beautiful Rose is 31 and also active and sometimes easily excitable/angry. She changed her name with the help of (possibly I am not sure) a fortune teller. Looking back over the past 10 months since which time I have been back in London UK writing and keeping in touch, I do not know if the name change helped her or not? We have had periodic misunderstandings and Rose has reacted (possibly afraid of any confusion) by saying we are not right for each other? For the past 4 months we have maintained contact and I am returning to BKK for one month in November 2008.
I look forward to any reactions/responses to my initial contact with this site. Thanks in anticipation. Regards Michael...