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Advice for a thai girl

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 4:25 pm
by mark1521
I need some advice for a thai girl who's name is nam who lives in bangkok i'm all the way from the philippines. i met her in facebook june of last year, i want to give her a surprise on her birthday. i already have a card to send to her. the problem is we had past problem because when i was courting her back in october (i think) by this time she also entered her university DPUIC in nonthaburi after 2 months in her new school we only had some short chats. i understand that maybe because she is too busy with her new life but then she had a relationship with a bot named amity at first i was angered immediately but upon thinking what stand will i be i started to think that i am just a a man boy who was also courting her in the same time i don't have any right to be angry. so continued giving her my daily messages until after a month amity got angry with me i think because he keeps on saying f*ck you to me even though i don't know him. then nam messaged me saying sorry to what amity and his friends are saying to me. then after that long confrontation i ended up blocked by nam. then after 2 days they broke up and until now she is still single and i never lost interest in her for the past 6 months. that's the story, sorry if it was too long. i am now needing of help for i don't know how she could receive my letter because the courier company needs her contact number and i don't know what is it. i'm planning to address it to her school but i'm wondering if they will give it to her. hope you can give some advice asap.