Should I assume she's having a sponsor or is a working girl?

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Should I assume she's having a sponsor or is a working girl?

Post by longdistance » Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:09 pm

I'm having a Thai girlfriend and we are in a long-distance relationship for three years now. I met her while I was still working in Bangkok but already about to leave, so most of our relationship has been calls/texts and regular visits. Though we've had some bad times, generally I consider our relationship developing quite well, with both of us trying hard to make it work by speaking out, learning from and adapting to each other and planning a future together. She actually met my parents couple of times and I'm about to meet her family some time soon. We are visiting each other 3-4 times per year and talking everyday through texts or calls.

We didn't meet in a bar and I actually don't think she's a working girl. She hardly ever asked for money/support, but rather picked up part-time jobs to fund her studies. She just finished her degree and is about to start working for a bank.
However, the fact that every once in a while (when there is need) she's receiving larger amounts of money makes me suspicious.

Is it realistic that a Thai student receives 20k THB from her aunt and uncle for Chinese New Year (those red envelopes)?
Is it realistic that she won 100k THB in some military lottery?

Or should I assume that she's working somehow?

Having seen and heard many bad stories (cheating, prostitution), I'm admittedly a quite mistrusting partner, which has been a problem in our relationship. I've actually blamed her before when she said she won the lottery, causing a fight. On the other hand, these huge amounts just sound so unlikely.

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