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Other Thailand Fever Translations
Please note that our Dutch Translation is available now and our German Translation is currently out of print.

We believe there may be a significant benefit to translating the English side of Thailand Fever to other Western languages such French or Italian, possibly making a few small culture-specific modifications in the process.

We're currently in the stage of evaluating if this effort is worthwhile. If you have any insight on the following questions, please send us an email at

For a given Western language such as Italian or French:

  • Are there a significant number of speakers of that language who either cannot or do not want to read the English-Thai version of Thailand Fever? Do you have access to any statistics that can help us answer this question?

  • Do you have any statistics about how many such Westerners travel to Thailand and/or are involved with Thai women?

  • If we were to do the translation, where would be some good places to promote it? Can you recommend book distributors/publishers to use (either in Thailand or in the West)? Web forums, blogs, or other websites on which to promote the book which are specific to that language or culture?

  • Is there any material on the book which would have to be revised or elaborated on in the translation?

We are grateful for any and all information and suggestions.

One thing we would need, of course, is a translator! If you are a native French/Italian/... speaker with good writing skills and good English comprehension, you may send information about your location and previous experience to We will willingly accept the information, though please keep in mind we have not yet committed to doing any particular translation.

We would prefer a candidate who lives in Northern Thailand, so as to be near the native-English-speaking author, Chris Pirazzi, however we will consider other candidates too. We can discuss split commission or one-time payment arrangements.

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