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Wanted: Thailand Fever Sales Rep
Are you a responsible and effective salesperson who would like to earn commission from a few hours of work per week?


Our sales in bookstores are going well, and now we are looking for one or more long-term Thailand residents who would like to earn commission by pitching, stocking, and collecting payments for Thailand Fever in local, non-bookstore venues such as bars, language schools, matchmaking outfits, etc. We'd like to find sales reps in at least Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket, and any other area with big sales potential. The sky's the limit, since the venues are up to your own creative talent.

Why Thailand Fever?

You've probably seen the "competition" yourself at Thai bookstores. It's all fun but trashy novels and sensational accounts of problems. This is the first book we've seen that is non-fiction and offers useful advice as to how to avoid problems. And it's the only bilingual book we've seen on the topic. In just two months of initial sales, we ran through our entire first printing of 1,000 copies. This is a great opportunity for any sales person.


Specifically, we're looking for people who wish to:
  • take units on consignment,
  • choose venues,
  • stock them and maintain stock at the venues,
  • collect payment from the venues, and
  • return payment minus commission to the publisher.

You may pursue any venue except for bookstores or websites that sell newly manufactured books. So, for example, you may pursue bars, language schools, matchmaking outfits, street vendors or on-the-street agents in relevant areas, bookstores that primarily sell used books, etc. Part of your job is to come up with creative venues.

You can either offer the books to the venues on consignment or outright sale. You can divide your commission between yourself and your venues in whatever way you see fit. Either way, your commission from the publisher will be the same, and the exact percent will depend on how many units you can sell each month.

We can discuss exclusivity to territories; it depends on how many salespeople we find and how much work they commit to perform in their territories.


If you are interested, please send information about your location and previous experience to

Obviously, we're in a tricky spot here: the ideal candidate is familiar with the scenes where Westerners get romantically involved with Thais (which often includes bars, nightclubs, etc.), but who is also diligent and will treat our books and payments responsibly. It's fair to say that the two goals are often in conflict, since the temptations are great at those locations. By offering books on consignment, we will be taking a risk, and so we need to know that we can trust you. Please help us evaluate you by providing us with some good references as to your previous responsible performance and sales ability!

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